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History Studies

Develop an understanding of the Christian religion through critical historical investigation.


Historical studies provide a key tool for philosophical and theological inquiry alike. With this concentration, one focuses on the historical context and development of an idea or problem, in order to apply it to contemporary questions. It provides a means for developing an understanding of the Christian religion through critical historical investigation into the unity, diversity, and development of the Christian community from its origins to the present. In asking how Christians in other places and eras acted and believed, one acquires analytical skills to evaluate present day.

For degree requirements, please consult the Student Handbook.

Course Offerings

The following are some of the courses DSPT has offered in this concentration:

BS-3455 Christianity from Christ to Constantine
HS-1105 History of Christianity I
HS-2195 Church: Modern to Contemporary
HS-2751 History of the Eastern Church
HS-4133 From 3 Popes to 2 Councils
HS-4476 Heresies and Inquisitions
HSBS-4050 Patristic-Medieval Exegesis
HSPH-4410 Hellenistic & Roman Philosophy
HSST-2310 History of Christian Eschatology
PHCE-4820 Contemporary Virtue Ethics
PHHR-4100 Philosophy of Religion: India & West
PHHS-1050 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHHS-1051 History of Philosophy: Medieval
PHHS-2000 History of Philosophy: Modern
PHHS-2001 Contemporary Philosophy
PHHS-4903 Patristics
PHST-4377 Disputation I: Ancient / Islamic Sources
PHST-4TBD Atheism, New and Old
PHST-4TBD From Dionysius to Derrida
PHST-4TBD God After the Death of God
SPHS-2000 History of Christian Spirituality
ST-2232 Historical Development of Christology
ST-3115 Contemporary Christology
STHS-4141 20th & 21st c. Roman Catholic Theologies
STPH-2500 The Passion of the Western Mind
STSP-4725 Church on the Move: Ecclesiology Applied

Courses on Particular Authors

CE-4490 Aquinas On Vices: A Heuristic Lens to Understand Human Acts
HS-2443 Don Bosco’s Environment
HSSP-4342 Medieval Mystics Seminar
PH-4211 Thomas Aquinas on Truth
PHCE-4500 Aristotle’s Commentators
PHHS-4011 Thomas on Nicomachean Ethics
PHHS-4020 Plato
PHST-4112 Levinas
PHST-4211 Aquinas on the Categories
PHST-4212 Aquinas and Person
PHST-4220 Aquinas and Platonism
PHST-4380 The Masters of Suspicion
PHST-4445 Heidegger’s Being and Time
PHST-4500 Thomas on Substance
PHST-4501 Thomas on Analogy
PHST-4600 Plato: Soul and Afterlife
SP-4571 Francis de Sales: Sources and Spirit
STHS-4041 Truth and Authority in the City of God

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