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How does Christ relate to truth outside Christianity? A Wise Habits event

How does Christ relate to truth outside Christianity? Reflections from St. Justin Martyr, 150 AD

How does Christ relate to truth that is found outside of Christian revelation? While this question is particularly relevant within diverse contemporary societies, it is sometimes forgotten that Christianity was born in a context that was no less diverse and spread in part because its narrative could account for the portions of truth found across fractured humanity. This lecture will examine the relationship between Christ and truth outside Christianity according to the second-century philosopher and martyr St. Justin and will offer reflections on how we can follow the wisdom of early Christians like Justin in our own time.

Matthew Thomas, DPhil, is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at DSPT, and his expertise extends to the Patristic period. The talk, beginning at 5:30, will be followed by Q&A.

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